Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More change around the league.

     The Trade Deadline has came and went, but even after the all the crazy trades that passed by the league keeps stirring up more and more player related events. Buyouts, free agency signings, extensions, and injuries. You name it and it's going on. I would like to take a look at the more memorable moments that have been occurring. Here is my break-down of some of the bigger events:

  • Miami Heat part ways with Carlos Arroyo to clear a roster spot for recently bought out point man, Mike Bibby.
  • Thunder sign recently aquired Kendrick Perkins to an extension.
  • Spurs floor general Tony Parker is out 2-4 weeks with a left calf strain.

Carlos Arroya out, Mike Bibby in.

     Now that the buyout "season" has begun it didn't take long for brand-new Washington Wizards guard Mike Bibby to get the boot and head off to a title contender. Although nothing is 100% official, it's safe to say that within the next day the deal will be done. This is big news for the Heat. Big news in a small package. 

Mike Bibby looks to help the Heat take the East with his veteran experience.
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
     Bibby is what the Heat desperately need. Although they may have the Heatles, what they don't have is a great point inside their ranks. Mario Chalmers is young and has the raw talent to improve, but apart from that they run dry and this is where Bibby will come in as he brings quite a few beneficial things to Miami. 

     Often regarded as a sharpshooter by many, Bibby will be another three point threat that compliments the play-styles of MVP candidates James and Wade. Personally, I haven't seen too many point guards shoot as well as he can but does it really matter? When you have a team consisting of three superstars, two of which act as secondary point guards, being the point guard only goes so far. If Bibby plays into the system the way he should by taking the ball up occasionally and making his outside shots, keep your eyes peeled East. Being only a game behind the Celtics to take lead of the Eastern Conference (which I don't think will take long after their stupid trades).

     Bibby's acquisition will help fine tune this team to an even scarier level, and now in his 13th season Bibby will also add in the power of experience alongside his shooting. An older point with more playoff appearances than any other member of his respective team? You've got yourself the token "playoff tested veteran.". The Heat just keep getting scarier as the days progress, but how far can they really go? Will Bibby be a hero or a flop? Only time will tell.

Perkins gets signed, wait didn't he just get there?

Perkins defensive presence will be a definite factor
 for the Thunder.

(Photo by Jim Rogash/ Getty Images)
     As I discussed in my last article, I wasn't to understanding as to why the Celtics got rid of "The Scowl", Kendrick Perkins. A dominant defensive inside presence, Perkins was the key to helping the Celtics when in comes playoff time. Yet, in an odd turn of events he was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder and things got even weirder from there. Today, Kendrick Perkins was offered a four-year, $34.8 million dollar contract extension by his newly acquired team, and the thing is: he hasn't even played a single game for them yet.

     Don't take the Thunder's GM's for fools though, because in my eyes they are doing everything right. After disposing of a otherwise useless undersized power forward in Jeff Green and a foreign "nightmare" in Nenad Krstic, they landed an underpaid big man with a fantastic work ethic. I get tickled pink just thinking about this deal. With a superstar under their wing (Kevin Durant) and another one in the making (Russell Westbrook), the Thunder are beginning to build a legitimate team around the dynamic duo. 

    Before you go around spouting "how stupid to sign a guy who hasn't even played for you yet!" just take a second and think. The guy has time during his injury to learn the system, not to mention the years on out. He's at a ripe age of 26, and he's as big as they come. They don't need a superstar in him, they have two. The Thunder's GM creatively and intelligently added a desperately needed inside force to this Thunder team. I say bravo to you GM Sam Presti, bravo indeed. 

You, Sam Presti, are awarded a 5/5 on the Sam Cassell's "I love this" scale.

Sam "loves" this.
Frenchie down, I repeat Frenchie down.

     The NBA's top team has finally gotten it's first significant injury. In a season with amazing success and unusual health (especially for the old men on this team) the San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker is out 2-4 week with a left calf injury.

     How will this effect the now 49-10 Spurs? With the new and improved, non-boring, quick style of offense the Spurs are running this season how badly will losing their speedy point hurt them? In my eyes it will to an extent, but it won't kill them. With the greatest Power Forward of all-time on your team, the genuine bat killer Manu Ginobili, and plain ol' Richard Jefferson I believe the Spurs will be aye-okay. A stunning blow yes, but nothing that's going to sink them in a straight loss category until Parker returns.

Expect the duo of Manu and Duncan to lead the Spurs to contiual victories
even without Parker.

     With the solid George Hill filling in for the Frenchman expect nothing to change of the Spurs as they continue their quick style of offense. Gregg Popovich is an amazing coach and he's dealt with injuries before. Spurs, keep on keepin' on. I like watching you silently tear up the league. 
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