Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Can the Nets finally start winning?

     If you haven't heard by now the New Jersey Nets have finally gained the star power they so desperately lacked by acquiring Deron Williams. Yes, Nets fans, the star power they lacked. No, Devin Harris is not a star, and don't even get me started on Brook Lopez...

     In the deal the Nets acquired Deron Williams for the price of:
  • Devin Harris
  • Derrick Favors
  • Two first round draft picks (2011, 2012) and
  • $3 million smack-a-roos.

     So there is the layout of what the Nets went through to acquire ONE player, but to me there is no clear winner here. You may say "Well Deron Williams is one of the top point's in the league, how are the Nets not the winners?!" This is my reasoning behind this. 

       Nets Trade Analysis

     Deron Williams is without a doubt one of the best point guards in the league, but as the Jazz started struggling he began to become extremely frustrated. Hey Deron, the Nets suck... like a lot. Who in the world is Deron going to back him up? He has no ying to his yang, jelly to his peanut butter? Don't tell me "OH YEAH BROOK LOPEZ AND DWILL LIGHTING IT UP!". Brook Lopez plays at a snails pace and last time I checked when you average under 6 rebounds a game as a 7-footer you are classified as worthless. 

     I really want to see things work out for Williams because I truly am a supporter of him, but the man can only do so much. Maybe (not likely) I will be wrong, but unless the Nets acquire some more talent they can kiss Deron Williams buh-bye when his contract expires. Fingers crossed that you can land Dwight, Nets fans. 

Deron Williams looks to turn the Nets team around,
 but the road will be tough.
     Of course though there is the always looming possibility this COULD work. The only way I can see this working well for the Nets is the sole fact that Williams makes his entire team better and so he may develop the young talent around him such as Kris Humphries, Anthony Morrow, or hell even Brook Lopez. I mean Williams averages 4 rebounds per game as a guard, maybe he can teach Lopez a thing or six.

     Nets fans, go ahead and get your Williams jersey now because it might not be in stock much longer. As much as I really would like to see him turn this team around I'm just not quite sure how it will work out. My final opinion is this: Williams will benefit the struggling Nets team and if, keyword IF, they can keep him there then the new owners of the Nets just trumped the Knicks by acquiring a cheap superstar. Williams can change this team into championship contenders if he gets the right people around him.

       Jazz Trade Analysis

     With the departure of Williams the Jazz just lost their franchise player and they already lost their other big name in Boozer, but the Jazz aren't depleted. This team has tremendous depth if injuries weren't such a persistant problem. Paul Millsap, Andrei Kirilenko, Mehmet Okur, Raja Bell, Gordon Hayward, and most importantly Al Jefferson. They have lost their leaders in Williams and Sloan though and that will be the killer. Williams improves players on the court with his abilities, Sloan improves players by developing talent. It's rough losing those big names, but it seems they are heading in the right direction after losing them.
Al Jefferson is the key player as the Jazz look to start
 anew without Williams.
(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

     They have now acquired Devin Harris, who of course is in no way a Deron Williams, but the kid isn't a horrible point. Granted he's having a poor statistical season (except averaging career-high's in assists) but keep into consideration he was on the Nets... the Nets. Now that he has all of this depth around the Jazz hope that he can develop into a stronger point capable of leading this team.

     The Jazz also acquired Derrick Favors, the long, athletic forward who I believe is going to do absolutely nothing for this team so I am not going to waste my time here. He could either blossom into the dynamic player he was in college, but at a professional level or he could just fizzle out into a nothing. It depends how the Jazz want to use him, he could develop but he in no way favors (get it?) Millsap or Jefferson on the interior. Either potential trade bait, or a future talent. Nothing to rave about.

     Lastly we have the two first round draft picks the Jazz got. Two first-rounders is more young talent to add around their young talent. Also consider once again the Nets are terrible so the draft pick for this upcoming season is a top 10 guaranteed. The Jazz have the fountain of youth right now and this team looks to be heading in the right direction. My final opinion though is that they ultimately lost their superstar and that is going to be the biggest killer. The Jazz will still be .500%, but it's hard to tell if they will go any further than that.

     In other news, Joakim "Sasquatch was my dad" Noah returns to stomp the Raptors tonight, and we finally get to see the trio that is Billups, 'Melo, and A'mare.

Bigfoot is tired of seeing Derrick Rose highlights on ESPN.
 (Photo by Layne Murdoch/NBAE via Getty Images)
It's been an exciting day in the NBA ladies and gents! Thank you for reading, The Technical Foul, now feel free to tell me how much of an idiot I am.


  1. I'm sad to see DWill leave Utah but I think the deal worked out for the Jazz pretty nicely. They were way over the cap and this freed up some space. Plus Harris is (was) a great PG when he played with Dallas (right?). He's solid plus now we've got at least 2 1st round pics for next year and then 2 the year after. I think I can honestly see the Jazz using one of those pics to pick up Jimmer to try and keep the state star inside the state it would be a great move from a money making stand point even if Jimmer doesnt turn into an NBA star.

  2. I'm hoping to see some solid improvement to Utah's game after this. But, as a Laker fan (yeah, I know) I hope most of their games are won out of their division...

  3. I always stand by the lakers, always have, always will